For immediate occupancy: 1 house, not a home, that part's on you. Solid foundation, new siding by previous owner. Stronger in the broken places. Walk in closet in master bedroom. Waiting to be filled with memories, but know that that's an illusion, the memories are carried with you. Paved driveway fits 2-3 cars. You remember when you were watching golf one time and Julie came in screaming something about a doll house, I mean just SCREAMING nonsensically and you couldn't believe how loud it was and you yelled out "fuck!" in front of her and she got real quiet for a minute and just stood there. She didn't cry, it somehow would have been better if she'd cried, but she just kind of looked at me disappointed for a while and then ran off scared. I don't even like golf that much. All new appliances in kitchen. Hard wood in living room. All sales final, all things final for that matter. When Julie was 9 we were driving to Giant and I was trying to figure out the radio I never could work the damn thing. Christ it happened so fast. Fully furnished. I don't know if you've ever packed a up a child's play room into garbage bags but, yeah, never again, fully fucking furnished. Asking 200k for qualified buyers. At some point the money stops mattering. Call to arrange a viewing.

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